Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ten favourite bookmarks from 2010

My bookmarks folder contains everything from interesting articles, to things I'm looking to buy, to awesome Flickr pages, cool Youtube videos, and so on. Yesterday, I decided to go back on the 100+ links I had bookmarked this year, just to clean it up. There were a lot of interesting ones, so here are ten bookmarks from 2010 that you may find entertaining (in no particular order):

1) Busty Hookers

Who can forget the phrase "busty hookers" so innocently coined in this Toronto Star article earlier in the year by Kevin Donovan. It immediately became a trending topic on Twitter, and the jokes kept going on throughout the day (including up in Parliament Hill!). Some included Rick Mercer, who tweeted: "Heading to dinner, good friends but alas no #bustyhookers".

For the original story: Former MP Rahim Jaffer connected to alleged conman

2) Parisian Love

French girls are great, but that's not the point. If I were to tell you to create a 1-minute commercial on Yahoo's search engine, what would you think of? This was a creative way to advertise Google. It was simple, funny, and well thought-out. It basically outlined that you can do anything on Google. So true. Definitely a favourite from Super Bowl XLIV.

3) 10 Ways to be a marketing genius like Lady Gaga

Another great link I picked up from Twitter.

4) Get a life: What's your 20% project?

Everybody is going through a degree in your field, whatever that may be. Like you, they are all taking the same course XYZ which is a pre-requisite to the same course ZYX. Forget resume differential, I think your "20%" is an excellent way to just get out there and experience all of the cool things in life. It's one of those things to do just because.

Article: Get a Life: What’s Your 20% Project?

Photo Source: Zach Hilder's blog:

5) #predictingkanyetweets

When Kanye West opened up a Twitter account earlier this year, a worldwide trending topic broke out called "#predictingkanyetweets". Basically, it was what everyone thought he would tweet - a lot of it was hilarious. My prediction would've have been "I told her to drive over in your new whip...". I still laugh at that. Anyways, this link to the New York Magazine was actually tweeted by Kanye himself - agreeing to how accurate these Kanye tweets would be. I'd say they're pretty accurate!

Here are a couple of his actual tweets:

What would I do if I didn't follow @kanyewest?

6) Tech Help call line: "My internet disappeared"

So this is what a person sounds like when he/she innocently steals internet wi-fi...

7) Curling: We all thought about it...

Anybody who denies thinking about taking up curling while watching Canada (and the stylish Norway team) during the Olympics are not telling the truth! However, skimming this image was the furthest I got (well, then bookmarking it afterwards).

8) Bruce Testones: Fashion Photographer

A couple of months ago, I was on Youtube watching photography videos hoping to see photographers in action (it's one of the ways I learn). I started off with "fashion photography" and came across this video. As douchebaggery as this character portrayed by Joe Rogan is, it's still oh-so funny.

9) Mostly Lisa's DSLR setup is the type of stuff I dream about

While cruising her website (heard about her through the TWiP podcast - one of my favourites), I came across this video setup she was using to make her videos. Canon 5DMKII. 16-35mm f/2.8. Rode mic. Lite panels. Sign me up.

10) Brian Williams' 'Thank you' note

Last but not least, one of the best pieces after the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics: anchor of the Daily Nightly on NBC - Brian Williams, left a thank you note. Best Olympics ever.

Photo Source:
Thank you for reading. Until next time...

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